Ask friends can do

For the enemy, a Luoran, smoke deep cloud. Who promise by tidal changes, and paclitaxel as before, and the fleeting time unbeaten. Just like the little willow, you a poetic with the southerly blow a frame summer flowers in full bloom, no words. Through years of thorns, and authored offered no changeDr. Liao Sheung Kwan.

A person in the world, and the afterlife one one write set, we pick camphor fragrant memories, there is always so, can not understand, or I met each other, even if no return to Mou instantly rub shoulders. While the precipitation of the silent, is quite familiar with each other very tacit understanding. Perhaps it is a touch of warmth to sing Xu Qing sunshine, air us all with. Xue Qing Shen hill for water, to the white jade, and many years after years, scab, we stray end, only wish is becoming the native heart.

Shadow hazy woven outside the window once the old to make. That night, the slanting memory play in this door glass, clear mirror glass. Love poems, don't love rhyme, to make untitled, I stood before the page frosted memories, as if to see you be steady infiltration childish, keyboard tapping each greeting, are separated by a finger. Maybe a lot of Miss morrow not see, only I and played after the strings offering friends, we had no sound, I was not listening. Lack of water greatly, where a canal, only loose Quanyin fragrance, a word for the enemy, Hou a skylight counterpartsAsian college of knowledge management.

A tilt Song Jin, Sheng sing about. Across the river people not for water wet eyes, time this way for a long time, I don't know whether you have nothingCCIBA, but you have taught me to my desire load I pray, not que no effort, through the loss of ferry -- learn to treat my dream. Those thought-provoking plain language, just as you advance ten Ren fleeting. Although the time is short, the depth difference, but the total parallel in my world, the first-line, people sigh, some people are happy, people on shore, hurt, someone on the other bright...... Both times, primitive world, time will not cheat, has been to music forever, fixed past, meet outside a space-time, is how not easy. North of the old, with smoke wandering, return have a sunny day. And I'm in a sunny Mo famous Ze terraced rice paddies, just encounter a paclitaxel friends, perhaps in the distant but Zhichi yesterday sunny.

Don't see it as yesterday to meet, I think the fleeting prosperity there, too, the north, there will be a poetic and fireworks together for warmth and unruly, the long, elegant and come. Do you like old friends Mo alone, diffuse way to Reqing, allow me to ask, you can do? If you did not go ahead, it will be a warm sunny road, across the Qianzhongshan, Du ten thousand flower, friends and, far more than the sky, romantic.

All the way to ask clear, people can do? Only take heart, to if the fine, old a road, has been on the water as long as day. We have bags to negative, the total Jimi unsolved, such as beam we cocoon. Ask friends to wish, carrying a Enron, Ju Jiduo Yan warm, all the way to the sunny, diffuse way? Sometimes, we walked a long time, not necessarily to us in Changan. Our vain run, only the four seasons, flowers annihilation. While the old one paper indifferent, the passing years deeply without looking, if not quiet, elegant celadon, only see friends is to Reqing, along a long journey.

Life is like a journey trip, so what? If a roll of wick dye ink bleeding time, the old have no change, my heart is still at the beginning of fidelity, to ask if clear, people can do? Day, as he, had seen the enemy.


Different people have different life, they play different tunes song. Ordinary people always love still quiet serenade, because they like the simple life, like normal life. A great man is always speak in excitement emotion like playing the music, because they aspire for creative living, like the new scene appeared in their sightoverhead garage storage.

Whether ordinary people or a great man, who is the beginning of a part of the ascent, started in one song, tone gradually increased, rising slowly to the middle, and fast and slow, sound as one falls. Of course, ordinary people are a group of flat glide, although it is a little bit boring, but also do not have a charm. This is verified "turnip green vegetables, all have love" statementfashion men clothing.

In the song of life, some people accidentally played a wrong note was fingering error or forget music was "red card" penalty; some people choose the relatively simple, barely passed; some people the courage to explore and research, and play the new music chapter, the incomparable honor. No matter what kind of people, no matter whether he is successful, he played the first note of lifeinvestment.

At the end of each song is different. Ordinary people can play still quiet Serenade is flat and low disappeared in the invisible, the great people playing marching song is a high pitched to inspire people do. This is the two song ending, two people's fate.

Full of vitality everywhere

Purple street dust, a cluster of flowers, grass, trees, all cannot do without the sun and rain, high thick soil nutrient. The long road of life, whether it is the superior power, or a humble people, who cannot do without the assistance of friendscheap furniture stores.
A song of "devotion of love" in the ear: "this is the wind of the spring / this is the source of life / in no love of wilderness / in the absence of desert of the heart / death and step back / happy flowers everywhere all over / as long as everyone gave a little love, the world will become a better human /."
Even a flower does not make a spring, beautiful world, need to give everyone a little love. Both the sun and the moon shining in the candlelight, or fire, people need most full dedicationiphone leather case, will also give people light and warmth.
He Yue, 12 year old girl, can calm in the face of life and death is not easy, in pain but also not forget the sincerity of others. When the delicate flowers from the branches of life fade, keep a fragrant, her name, her soul, her personality, shining, shining in the world. Where the river without the moon, or the moon Aiyinong.

The village

The village is the village of crops and plants in the delivery room. And the four seasons business vpn servicecrops, it is rural wild man and gentleness such as water of small daughter-in-law.

Spring hills all Yejin, yellow rape flowers, such as a painting, a tiny rural people are loaded into the frame. The country therefore colors bright, fragrance overflowing, even the brook village people in front, which were blossoming, jump jump waves, ipad waterproof cases also runs the fragrant breath.

No wonder, the river that emaciated my village gate, was the village people familiar otterboxcalled "xiangxi".

I think, my Xiang River is a wild girl, although she coarse clothes and tangled hair, cloth Jing Cha, but she is definitely not what make-up gas flow. She spring from rape fields through the summer, from the farm and garden walk through, the autumn was touched a Xi rice flower, a river of lotus, therefore, in the month of night, large tracts of forest in corn Baba dial section in the sound ip networking, the river house, the stream then, in each of the water, are full of rural field corn mature fragrance smell and crops, not only to the whole village contains a hazy mist, also gave the village girl a natural gas.

The village in May, wheat mature, the whole earth wilderness a golden, the breeze in Go Organizethe milk generally under the moonlight, wind, such as a piece of rolling waves of the sea, my little village, such as a boat, submerged in a piece of pure malt flavor. And the light of the blue mountains, as well as the stream flows through the poplar woods, there is a bird, such as a woman in general, voice choked with sobs: wrong -- my son! I'm a wrong --!

In the bird's shrill calls, cropland edge Jian pan pan on the pumpkin flowers, in the moonlight, a big house a large flower quietly opened. The three two tree in front of the rural tavoy apricot has become the wheat general Huang Liang overnight, the very next day early in the morning wigs natural hair, the villagers held frost blade to the field, in the old beam TERT up, eat wheat apricot.

Appear trite and insignificant

Pear Sheng snow, wind soft blue, I hold the March tender Kam, drunk.

Is in such a beautiful spring day, find me, let me go and see him to write an article, titled "last five years":

"I have been writing for five years, five years later, when I picked up the pen again, want to write something, tip the significant so feeble, as of flowers and trees five years without a drop of dew from nature. I thought such as flowers and trees like never been nourishing a drop of dew, five years a day wither, withered, dried up... Now leave the life is just a blank, I can't give my life to have a replacement, not to love my parents and relatives have a confession...... Years of hard, but useless, be filled with a thousand regrets......

In five years I don't want to write? No, not at all. Because I hurt you too deep, and I don't want to let my heart hurt too deep. The surface is very peaceful society, in fact, this country, this society heart is so dark, ugly, dirty... I want to put my thoughts of the pure land deeply in my heart and mind......

Five years later, one day, I happened to see a Yu Er world written text, her character is so beautiful, her mind and heart is so pure and holy, and stirred up my quiet for a long time such as the sea calm heart......

That day, I let the rain teacher gave up a pen name, she gave me a name: facing the sea flowers.

I like the name, really hope that one day, when I face the sea, can see the sea stirs the beautiful flowers is pure and holy flowers, and can be seen in the sea shore in full bloom that never wither, withered, dried up, pure and holy beautiful flowers......"

Look at his text, feeling his style of writing is good, but from the between the lines, I can read his life to the world of social pessimism. I introduced Hongxiutianxiang and other websites, and encouraged him to dispatch.

I said the word "remember to him, the world is beautiful."

Really hope that he will like the spring grass, germination, in this spring jointing, repair, regeneration!


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