The village

The village is the village of crops and plants in the delivery room. And the four seasons business vpn servicecrops, it is rural wild man and gentleness such as water of small daughter-in-law.

Spring hills all Yejin, yellow rape flowers, such as a painting, a tiny rural people are loaded into the frame. The country therefore colors bright, fragrance overflowing, even the brook village people in front, which were blossoming, jump jump waves, ipad waterproof cases also runs the fragrant breath.

No wonder, the river that emaciated my village gate, was the village people familiar otterboxcalled "xiangxi".

I think, my Xiang River is a wild girl, although she coarse clothes and tangled hair, cloth Jing Cha, but she is definitely not what make-up gas flow. She spring from rape fields through the summer, from the farm and garden walk through, the autumn was touched a Xi rice flower, a river of lotus, therefore, in the month of night, large tracts of forest in corn Baba dial section in the sound ip networking, the river house, the stream then, in each of the water, are full of rural field corn mature fragrance smell and crops, not only to the whole village contains a hazy mist, also gave the village girl a natural gas.

The village in May, wheat mature, the whole earth wilderness a golden, the breeze in Go Organizethe milk generally under the moonlight, wind, such as a piece of rolling waves of the sea, my little village, such as a boat, submerged in a piece of pure malt flavor. And the light of the blue mountains, as well as the stream flows through the poplar woods, there is a bird, such as a woman in general, voice choked with sobs: wrong -- my son! I'm a wrong --!

In the bird's shrill calls, cropland edge Jian pan pan on the pumpkin flowers, in the moonlight, a big house a large flower quietly opened. The three two tree in front of the rural tavoy apricot has become the wheat general Huang Liang overnight, the very next day early in the morning wigs natural hair, the villagers held frost blade to the field, in the old beam TERT up, eat wheat apricot.

Appear trite and insignificant

Pear Sheng snow, wind soft blue, I hold the March tender Kam, drunk.

Is in such a beautiful spring day, find me, let me go and see him to write an article, titled "last five years":

"I have been writing for five years, five years later, when I picked up the pen again, want to write something, tip the significant so feeble, as of flowers and trees five years without a drop of dew from nature. I thought such as flowers and trees like never been nourishing a drop of dew, five years a day wither, withered, dried up... Now leave the life is just a blank, I can't give my life to have a replacement, not to love my parents and relatives have a confession...... Years of hard, but useless, be filled with a thousand regrets......

In five years I don't want to write? No, not at all. Because I hurt you too deep, and I don't want to let my heart hurt too deep. The surface is very peaceful society, in fact, this country, this society heart is so dark, ugly, dirty... I want to put my thoughts of the pure land deeply in my heart and mind......

Five years later, one day, I happened to see a Yu Er world written text, her character is so beautiful, her mind and heart is so pure and holy, and stirred up my quiet for a long time such as the sea calm heart......

That day, I let the rain teacher gave up a pen name, she gave me a name: facing the sea flowers.

I like the name, really hope that one day, when I face the sea, can see the sea stirs the beautiful flowers is pure and holy flowers, and can be seen in the sea shore in full bloom that never wither, withered, dried up, pure and holy beautiful flowers......"

Look at his text, feeling his style of writing is good, but from the between the lines, I can read his life to the world of social pessimism. I introduced Hongxiutianxiang and other websites, and encouraged him to dispatch.

I said the word "remember to him, the world is beautiful."

Really hope that he will like the spring grass, germination, in this spring jointing, repair, regeneration!

To elect a new leader

He doesn't have many friends in caucus but that isn't going to matter so much this time around.

Under Labour's new rules MPs can't stitch up deals hair restoration

They're going to have a 40 per cent say in who gets the top job, party members get 40 per cent and unions 20 per centbolt embroidery.

Cunliffe has stronger support within the party and unions than deputy leader Grant Robertson, who is likely to be his only serious opponent.

When David Shearer beat Cunliffe in a caucus vote after the 2011 election, the party decided enough was enough and it would be the last time MPs ruled that particular roost.

So it changed the rules at the next annual conference.

Cunliffe may be a vastly ambitious man who admits he has a big ego and doesn't get on well with his colleagues.

But he's passionate, driven, highly articulate and capable of taking on John Key in those vital one-on-one debates in next year's election campaign.

He's MP for New Lynn and, like Key, has an Auckland power base.

Robertson is a clever politician who knows the corridors of power very well.

He was one of Helen Clark's most senior advisers while she was prime minister and he's a top strategist.

He's a good speaker, far more effective in parliament than Shearer was.

But he's a Wellington-focused, beltway politician.

And he's gay.

Labour's former president Mike Williams, the most experienced campaign manager in New Zealand, says sexual orientation shouldn't be a factor but it is.

He says it would be "something to take account of" if he was running a campaign.

Labour can win or lose elections on the big Pacific Island vote in South Auckland.

Its Mangere MP Su'a William Sio broke ranks over the gay marriage bill and warned his colleagues Labour was going to lose the traditional support of his morally conservative constituents.

He might be thinking about how they would react to the prospect of New Zealand having a gay prime minister.

Although the new rules favour Cunliffe, there's one scenario within them that could defeat him.

There's speculation Robertson will try to persuade Andrew Little, a possible third contender, to run as his deputy.

Little isn't considered to have a realistic chance of winning the leadership because he's a first term MP and hasn't made much of an impact.

But he's steeped in the union movement and until he became an MP he was the president of the EPMU, New Zealand's largest union which is affiliated to the Labour Party.

If a majority of the caucus sides with Robertson and most party members vote for Cunliffe, the unions could decide the election by putting all 20 per cent of their vote behind a Robertson/Little ticket.

The party will have to be very wary of this situation developing because it would play into the government's hands.

National's campaign cry would be "trade unions have decided who should be New Zealand's next prime minister".

As for Shearer, he's going to be on leave for the next three weeks and isn't taking calls.

Sources say he's emotionally worn out needs a break.

He'll soon start feeling better.

Politicians describe being leader of the opposition as the worst job in parliament, and Phil Goff did it for three years.

Then he lost an election, badly, and announced he was standing down.

A few days later he was asked how he felt.

"Bloody marvellous, actually," he replied.

Brazil teenager suspected of killing his parents

The five bodies were found before dawn on Tuesday inside two houses located on the same property in northern Sao Paulo, they said Diamond Water.

The incident is believed to have begun a full day earlier HKUE DSE.

In the early hours of Monday, the mother's car was captured on security footage, parked near the high school of the teenager, 13-year-old Marcelo, some 5km from their home Diamond Water.

Five hours later, the footage showed a person carrying a backpack - believed to be Marcelo - heading for theschool.

The teenager attended classes at his private school , then was driven back home by a classmate's father, who he asked not to ring the bell so as not to wake up his father.

The bodies were discovered later that night. Marcelo died from a shot to the left temple, his father's police-issue service revolver found nearby, Sao Paulo police commander Benedito Roberto Meira said.

A second gun, a .32 calibre revolver, was found inside the backpack the teenager had brought to school, Meira added, saying "there was no sign that someone broke into the house."

The police commander ruled out "an act of revenge by a criminal group" against the teenager's father and mother.

The voting results cast further doubt

A 3News-Reid Research poll, released on Sunday, sees Labour's support drop 2.1 points to 31 per cent, while National picks up that ground and more otter case, rising 2.4 points to 49.5 per cent - a result that would enable it to govern alone.

The Greens were unchanged on 12 per cent while NZ First picked up 1.7 points, rising to 3.9 per cent - but still below the five per cent threshold needed to return to parliament.

Asked how party leaders were performing, Prime Minister John Key lost a few points - 52 per cent of voters think he's performing well, down three points, while 32.2 per cent think he's doing a poor job, up 1.9 per cent.

He's on 42 per cent support at preferred prime minister, up 1.3 on the last poll in May.

Mr Shearer's results are significantly worse.

Just 26.1 per cent of voters think he's doing a good job, fr4 pcb shedding 10.1 points, while 43.3 per cent think he's doing poorly, up seven points - although he's up 1.6 points to 12.1 per cent as preferred prime minister.

The poll was taken after Mr Shearer demanded Labour's party leadership drop the controversial "man ban" proposal which would see women-only candidates in some seats to boost female representation.

He admits the issue has been a distraction.

"It's a wakeup call for us. People want us to be focused on the issues that affect them and not on Labour Party internal issues," Mr Shearer said.

The latest result comes as Labour's caucus heads into a two-day retreat, where Mr Shearer could face a grilling from his MPs - or they could again look at a potential leadership challenge label sticker, as the 2014 general election ticks ever closer.

Renewed speculation of a challenge has been swirling since a poor poll result for Labour in June.


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