Our life is the romantic life

The outside is 9 degrees below zero temperatures, sunshine, wind still, originally thought that the town ushered in the spring, will not be so cold. The more cold, more eager to beautiful spring. Miss the warmth of home hong thai travel.

My home, do not need much, do not care about how simple, all as long as I like, like little candles, a fragrance lamp is good, plus the rose essential oil. Let the whole family there was full of the fragrance of roses. When young, like to travel, like a stranger. Like to experience another kind of life, every year the wisteria bloom of the season, I would choose to go the distance, in order to more poetic living. The dream in the heart. In this year, I will be in the wisteria flowers, listen to the whisper. Listen to the song of flowers. See flowers bloom. Heart here, home is here. Even if only a snail's home. To the heart of a house. Where is your home NuHart? Why not go home after work? Working so hard, but no place to live? Let the heart wandering. Cry red eyes let relatives, the night it's full of waiting or waiting. This is the ten years ago, loved her as one of your life? Once a solemn pledge of love really vanished? Don't imprint is engraved on my heart. love, can not stand the test of time? Perhaps the old Confidante, fat body, for not to have the love? The woman, really over the years old, no spring. Often think, if you want to see the development of the city is bustling, should see the town beauty more or less, is the day after tomorrow beauty, the most persuasive. The 40 year old woman with 30 years old appearance, 60 year old woman 30 years old figure. The world is really no ugly people, the efforts of the day after tomorrow, is a great part of. Woman, no one can give you a future, only their own. As beautiful as his lifelong struggle. Always send out the aroma of the years NuHart.

Our life, life is touched. He looks like a living spirit, continuous perception of life. In this cold afternoon, heart is so warm, see his article, loved by readers, it is a kind of happy. And how to express, their feelings? And how to do, is to recognize that the most Keep dreaming? The myriad of thoughts in mind, for their own life, know so many kind people NuHart, for those who have been quietly behind the scenes to help themselves. Not far away, full of love here, feelings of deep here, the home of the soul here, why go to travel. From before that doesn't have confidence in their own dreams, thought of, to today, every day with joy, to continue to dream of their own, life becomes every day like spring. To find the original dream, try to change your life. Give you the guy who loves you most, the most warm embrace. Love her just like the original. To operate their own spiritual home. For love to make a commitment of the heart, from now on, pull your hand to the remotest corners of the globe, the sunset in the evening, all through the night. Nice to have you in life.

Our life, the romantic life. Can live without the rose together, but have a like roses, like heart, enjoy the blooming. There can be no chocolate passion, but there is a true love. Can bear hardships together with you, but you have to put me in your life. At the moment of their own, full of sincere wish, I wish every one to see this article, can harvest feeling a bit, start your own future.

Our life, really I exist. In nature, the wind dancing heart. Together the happy tears and friends, the mood that farewell after parting. Classics in joys and sorrows of life, and strangers pass by, will stay in the memory. Years later, I am no longer young, but in the recollection time never old, appearance is still beautiful, still never regret meeting you. Together through life with you.

More than time

In the story, reading the story of others. The clear sky repeated refraction past, already the smoke dust, if not for the last named, tangled heart, no time color. Then, when the light flavor, color to light incense, silence, is a beautiful youth time, fragment Hong Kong Newsletter.

If can choose, I would rather you came across a piece of white paper, never leave memories, did not take the wind and rain, has been quiet attitude, time quiet enron. Years old to hurriedly, not see prosperity as youth charming flowers, then hurried wither. Beautiful and wandering outside the dream, see Fangfei, come in, is the bitter wind, also, wandering timeManaged Network.

Wandering, not without direction, but the heart lost rely on, from the remotest corners of the globe, a home. The wordless book, my walking track, apart, is packed and ready to throw away the memories. But, much less noisy, quiet forget yourself, this time, I will think of Neruda's "I love for you to be still" in a few words: "I like for you to be still, and you seem far away." And I also did not disappear, just do not want words, watching the water, diffuse floating clouds to see, even now around the world ran for several weeks, still too lazy to open, to express ideas travel and tourism news.

Xi Murong said: "the flashy life, forget the season. Empty recall, lingering upset. Do not see a smile, lonely million." When going to not return, leaving unintentionally, who can solve the wind thousands of letters? Tired of parting, tired of the noisy scene of debauchery, once the noisy receded, wind around cigarettes, intoxicating wine, and young Xiao Meng, will be returned to the time. Lonely, originally only a legend, hidden heart narrow angle dermes vs Medilase , not been shown to people.

I know the value of friendship

Friendship is a lamp life, it can guide you on the right path, make your life rich and colorful. Without friendship, life is so, life would be like a dry well, lifeless. Zhang Xiaofeng is my good friend, can be called a friend. Although it is a good friend, butembroidery by beads, she and I are always noisy, but this small noisy did hurt the feelings between us. Once, I was in a fit of anger, as it happened, Zhang Xiaofeng came to ask me a question: "Gu XiangminInformation Security, I want to ask you......" She didn't finish, I didn't like spirit ground says to her: "what's the problem I want to, I was bored!" I think she'll turn left, did not think of, she in turn to comfort me: "ah, what is wrong with you, like to eat the shell like. Who made you angry?" I shouted to her: "none of your business. You'd better leave!" She first hesitated, then self blame: "Is it right? I make you angry? Sorry, you don't get angry, I ask Zhu Minmin." Then, she walked awaymetal iphone case.

Later, my anger, calm down and think: "this is how I, myself, what about her, why yell at her, really confused. For, should apologize to her." I got up and walked to her. But to my surprise, she did not blame me, blame myself and I didn't communicate. After this thing our friendship deeper.

From then on, I no longer so headstrong, I learned to care about others, know the value of friendship. ,

shear lag shadow

A boil tea, a cuff breeze, a bosom; forest mountains far outside the window, the sky rainbow hangs high in the sky, from year to year, so the appearance; a glance as flowers, when the moon is not long but Tong Hui, durable; the valley to cherish water, blame the clutch, but ultimately keep years of Chinese, and reincarnation in another worldwomen t shirts for sale.

The leaves fell, stepping on the withered into the bamboo forest, where the lotus repose, there fine circumcision; twist is a string of beads, holding a book, so devout, Bodhi, Enron carving a silt was not stained dust lotus nut; look back over the shadow, where the neon nightlife, there is quiet if chilling, differing only in the human mindCCIBA.

The temple is lonesome, some leaves into the shallow pool, some deciduous paved a path, the wind call into dust, not rash, not sad not complain, seems to be already knowing the outcome; last leaf swaying in the wind, was spinning round and round, clear, not nostalgia, not disturbing quiet, just gently Pina dance song ielts registration hk.

The mist, like numerous living beings obsessed with love, knowing that the floating dream empty, but in the busy, do Nanke dream thought; however, in the end by a, tired body and mind, just want to find a spare the world peace.

Choke point a fireworks, with his hands clasped in prayer Bodhi, red flavor has tasted, willing to drop Hui West still turning the relic; in the mist listen Sanskrit sound, not like the beautiful melody, but as beacon lights ahead of the pace; whisper Prajna preexistence, met who robbed, and around whose fruit, flowers smile to tell the reason is shallow love love love.

affection Jun Lu heavy

Autumn afternoon sunshine implicit and publicity, gushing out of passion the lazy sunshine implicit in the sunshine, burnout publicity with introverted, so, in a blue sky white clouds hanging in the autumn, a sunset love leaves in the afternoon, I walk walk on a apricot leaves yellowhair loss treatment, the tired bird to fly country the trail, Yang eyes looked at the lonely sky hanging on a round of the autumn sun, the autumn sun face is a little shy, was hiding in that glowed red sunset, half face leisurely glowed red, like a newborn baby red cheek, half face Qie hid hidden from the roll over of white cloud the back, just put a bunch of Yin Hong light through the white cloud reflect gorgeous sunset. The proud of the autumn sun, she walk, teeter at showing her near dusk aging, light footed and show her old but vigorous. I like to look up to one's pupils do not turn. This round of the autumn sun, her dazzling Yinyun a circle of gentle aura on my face, my body, a long shadow follow behind me, mottled shadow embrace in a song of Autumn Sonata, Qingqing shallow sing on "Laxia and the lone wild ducks, autumn sky Isshiki" autumn eveningTeny Wu.

I so quietly, quietly walking in this autumn dusk trail, head sails, sail to the initial condensation water, a love sinus at the beginning of the yellowing of the old calendar, just remember also in such a limp autumn afternoon, I and you meet in a pool blow, Qiuyang ironing Pinghu moon, you white blue shirt, Yo Tomi, a pair of eyesight insight into the world, a dashing eyebrows dance refers to the life, open smile as bright moon hanging, eyes closed, if still smiling at me. You stand in this pool Qiushui Bibosmartone,


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