Southwestern Pakistan

A bomb ripped through a railway car parked at a station in southwestern Pakistan, killing 16 people and sending flames and smoke billowing into the air nuskin hk, officials said.
The explosion in the town of Sibi also wounded 35 people, said district police chief Gulam Abbas Tarar. He put the death toll at 16.
The Pakistani television stations showed images of the burning car, with flames shooting out of the windows and smoke billowing into the sky. A little-known separatist group later claimed responsibility for the bombing.
Sibi is in Baluchistan province, Pakistan's largest region. The train was going from Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan, to Rawalpindi, which is next to the capital of Islamabad. Sibi is located about 150 kilometers (90 miles) east of Quetta.
The bomb went off after it reached the Sibi station and passengers were boarding and disembarking from the cars, officials said.
Federal Minister for Railways Saad Rafiq told Geo TV that initial reports suggest a woman left explosives on the train car and then got off the train when it arrived at the station. The deputy commissioner of the district nu skin, Suhail-ur-Rehman, said it might have been concealed in someone's luggage but emphasized that authorities were still investigating.
Baluchistan has been plagued by violence from various factions for years and Pakistani troops have been battling both Baluch separatists as well as sectarian groups in the area.
Later Tuesday, a spokesman for the separatist United Baluch Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the bombing and warned of more such attacks in future. The attack was in retaliation for a military operation on Monday against the group's activists in the province, said Mureed Baluch, the spokesman Glass House.
Earlier, Rafiq, the federal minister, also said the blast could have been retribution for Monday's operation, which killed at least 30 militants.
The paramilitary Frontier Corps said they killed the militants in Khuzdar, a mountainous region southeast of the Baluch capital, during an operation targeting their hideouts. The Frontier Corps said 10 of its troops were also wounded in the operation.

The founder of the peace process

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Wednesday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a bid to salvage foundering Mideast peace talks that were dealt a new blow when Arab leaders said they never would recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Kerry and Abbas spoke for more than four hours over a working dinner in the Jordanian capital of Amman that U.S. officials said were "constructive." No other details of the meeting were released nu skin. Kerry planned further talks with Abbas and with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the coming days.
Kerry flew from Rome to Amman to see Abbas as negotiations approached a critical April 30 deadline for a settlement. The Palestinians have threatened to walk away before then unless Israel releases a group of prisoners, as it agreed to, by Saturday.
Speaking to reporters earlier Wednesday in Kuwait, Abbas said he still was waiting to receive a formal framework proposal from Kerry. He said there have been no talks on extending negotiations beyond the April deadline, adding that the coming month would be "a very important period."
Wednesday's announcement by the Arab League, blaming Israel for a lack of progress in the Mideast peace process, put up another roadblock. The communique, issued at the end of a two-day summit nu skin hk, also rejected "the continuation of settlements, Judaization of Jerusalem, and attacks in its Muslim and Christian shrines."
The League's announcement that it would not recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people rejected a key demand of Netanyahu. The Palestinians say such recognition would undermine the rights of Palestinian refugees and Israel's Arab minority g-suite manchester.
In Amman, Kerry met first Wednesday with Jordan's King Abdullah II before the dinner with Abbas. Kerry planned to return to Rome on Thursday to join President Barack Obama at meetings with Pope Francis and Italian officials.
Kerry will then join Obama in Saudi Arabia on Friday and Saturday.

Minnesota state court

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Wednesday reversed a former nurse's convictions for coaxing two depressed people to kill themselves, ruling that parts of a state law making it a crime to encourage or advise a suicide are unconstitutional.
William Melchert-Dinkel, 51, cardinal manchester was convicted in 2011 of encouraging and advising a British man and a Canadian woman to kill themselves within days of chatting online or exchanging emails with him. He was sentenced to a year in jail, but has been free while the case was being appealed.
The court ruled that while the state has a compelling interest in preserving life, the state's prohibition on advising or encouraging suicide was too broad, because even a general discussion of suicide would be illegal.
The state Supreme Court upheld a part of the state law that makes it a crime to assist a suicide, finding that it was drawn narrowly enough to focus on an individual, and returned the case to the trial judge for further proceedings.
Melchert-Dinkel's attorney, Terry Watkins, said Wednesday there was encouragement and advising, but no evidence in the case that his client had assisted the suicides.
"Certainly we are not condoning the actions in any way, shape or form. We are simply saying that as troubling as the speech may have been it is protected," Wallace said.
Rice County Attorney Paul Beaumaster could not be reached immediately for comment.
Melchert-Dinkel had posed online as a suicidal female nurse and advised people on the length and thickness of rope needed for a successful hanging among other topics. He argued that his conduct amounted to free speech.
Mark Drybrough, 32, of Coventry, England, nu skin hanged himself at his home in July 2005. Nadia Kajouji, 18, of Ottawa, jumped into a river in March 2008 wearing ice skates.
A British woman who had frequented a chat room where people discussed suicidal thoughts warned police in 2008 that she suspected an online predator was encouraging suicides. Police linked Melchert-Dinkel to related email addresses.
He told police during an interview he had participated in suicide-related chat rooms for about four years, had asked people to transmit their suicides online using a webcam and had entered into suicide pacts with no plans to kill himself, according to court papers.
Melchert-Dinkel, of Faribault, Minnesota, g-suite cardinal had entered a plea in which he accepted the evidence against him and allowed Judge Thomas Neuville to decide whether his actions constituted a crime while preserving his right to appeal.

The French stage a comeback

DESPITE HIDING BEHIND a post for several minutes this morning, Tommy Bowe was conspicuous by his presence at the Irish training session.
The Ulster winger was not named in Joe Schmidt’s 33-man squad for the Italy game but was called out to Maynooth, along with hooker Richardt Strauss, to train with the players set to feature on Saturday. The Ireland coach explained Bowe was out as cover for the squad but also got himself up to speed with changes that may have taken place since his last cap nu skin, against New Zealand, in November.
Bowe scored two tries against France on his last appearance in Paris and is in contention for a recall ahead of what could be a Six Nations decider against Philippe Saint-André’s men.
Schmidt said, “If we get into trouble, it is good to get Tommy involved. He obviously had the three Tests in November. It was good to get him up to speed again. He had no ill effects from the training with us. He did have a few days off because he tightened a bit in the Ulster game.
On the basis of that, we certainly want to keep him involved in the wider group. If, next Monday, we feel we need Tommy to add some more value or to cover someone who might be in doubt then it is great that we had him in here today.”
“I thought he trained well,” Schmidt added, “and it certainly looked like he was stretching his legs. There were no ill effects afterwards and that is often the telling point, whether he tightens up afterwards but he moved really well. He really enjoyed getting back in, working and thoroughly enjoyed getting back for Ulster last Friday. To have him back on the pitch, and the two tries he got, g-suite cardinal was great for Ulster. He’s a quality player.”
Tommy Bowe runs in his first try of the night 28 2 2014
Bowe’s provincial teammate Andrew Trimble was up in Ravenhill on Friday and witnessed the winger’s two-try return against Dragons. Trimble will need another decent Six Nations outing this weekend if he hopes to retain his spot on the right wing. He told TheScore.ie:
I was watching the Ulster game in the team room on Friday night and got a hard time, with lads saying ‘Good while it lasted’. Obviously I’m a good mate of Tommy so it was great to see him back in there. I was not so delighted to see him scoring two tries in 30 minutes. I thought he would’ve been tempted to stay out there and get the hat-trick.
“From my point of view, I know I’m playing this weekend so all I can do is go out there and try to put in a big performance. It’s no surprise to me that there is competition for places.
“There’s a good few guys [Keith Earls and Luke Fitzgerald] injured but whenever everybody is fit there’s 7, 8 top quality wingers. To be in the top two you have to be playing out of your skin g-suite cardinal manchester. If I can look after that we’ll see what happens.”

Look forward to

To a good wish, I never in the weaving a dream, meet the cold and you rise and dance in a happy mood, with the sun and your tears flow, you always let me hold it, you always let my yearning. In a sunny day the vast boundless, in that starry night tantric massage hong kong, I put you eagerly waiting for; in the clouds in the winter, in that month reshahar low silent night, I quietly take you. Dream and you met, dreaming of the moment you meet. In the season in the winter, I sincerely hope, and your time as you encounter, collision with a mind. Your feelings of the moment, refraction on the glow, enough to light up the warmth of my heart, forever in my heart, let the sadness in your coverage under dust. Let the wind rolled Montreal, desolate, touching my face the sad, melting the loneliness in my heart, that wonderful moment solidified into eternal.

I fear that you wasted your time, if you can't find my way, if you missed my waiting, miss every day, every night waiting, looking forward to your coming; I fear you delay your trip, let me not see you of flower appearance, let me experience not to your tender every day looking forward to touch, always waiting, waiting for you, come. You let I expect to see someone who never comes, go with your slender figure, countless you a look. I would like to use my years of waiting, in exchange for a time with your buddies, a side by side; I would like to use my years of waiting, in exchange for a shoulder rub your, an encounter. Always have to wake up your dreams, miss you gave me comfort, miss you gave me the warm, even if it is a mirage, no longer meet, even white 10000, stab my eyes. And so on to only the biting wind, only a blank memory. The first time you betrayed their perseverance, time and time again you off my track, let my heart can not rely on, let my love not snuggle.

In December 17, 2013, you with the gentle wind, riding on a cloud, to do what you promise, rise and dance in a happy mood, be long in coming cardinal manchester. You through the time tunnel come before me, and hold me tight, transparent tears on my face, kissed my cold face, looked at each other and I look forward to the eyes, you are my happy nestled together. Your kiss make me feel like water clean, wipe off, forget; your first kiss, let me feel the love like crazy, tear not to go, can't throw away. You shake off my weary, brushed my face melancholy, washing my cloudy soul. You have given me tread, you cast me as a thirsty soul, you decorated my flower of the world, my heart is full of your love, full of love for you. Do you like white angel scattered in a gentle, let the depth of the earth as you wore the white dress, in the sun's comfort, and 10000 light, blurred my eyes. You said I would, for us to meet again, I said you do not let me wait too long, in order to your promise to me, I will be waiting for you.

2014 is coming, the winter is past and you stood me up. Once the oath fading into the air in the cold wind, in the hope of solidified into cream, a month of waiting for you to let me sit on pins and needles. Immediately to the new year, I board the fingers from the early morning to night, from early winter to the end of the year, wait, wait, do not see your shadow; looking forward, looking forward, forget your face. The past no matter how high the mountain, no matter how long the road, you will take the package to embark on the journey, and to fulfill your promise to me. You know the old and sick old people need your care, frail young children need your attention, floating dust need your washing, industrial pollution need your cover, live bacteria need your control, the earth's environment requires you to beautify, the whole world needs your favor. Snowflakes ah, you are the one I wait one year, you are my one year forward, stepping on your white blot, I seek your trace, pay attention to the weather forecast, imagine you look, longing for your coming. More than once fantasy, more than once again, looking forward to the next reunion, I and you once again, kiss, snowflakes beat cheek nu skin, foot can penetrate my heart; the thick snow buried my melancholy, is enough to make me be full of excitement., how can you not let me your love for.

New year's Eve night you would come to see me? I will silently waiting in the dumplings table, I will be in the sound of firecrackers quietly put your watch, I'll keep at midnight in the hope to you. The Lantern Festival will you come? I will be waiting for you in the cold wind coming, I will be in the Cloud City hope you exhibit of lanterns flying figure. Let you enjoy the world of ice, ice maker's extraordinary as if done by the spirits, let you enjoy the lantern charm, artisans have great originality. I will keep this peaceful city and you -- - the ancient capital of datong.


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