Walking in the rain

Wafted out of the window is the sound of the rain, tick... Rain dripping wet ideas. Revealed in the rain with young and bold and unrestrained beauty, mainly the wind is too strong, does not consider the feelings of the rain. Rain said, it's spring, Dream beauty pro let there be light rain crisp taste of the street, the gentle point of grass, leaves, flowers, touch the ground, the color rendering out thick makeup weak wipe again. But the wind don't think, this is the season of I, I am the wind, with my swing, I can not let you to follow my steps. Dispute, so the roar of the wind, the rain in silence. 
I walk in the rain and wind ensemble, against the wind, with the rain. I slowly raised his head and looked at the rain, bare skin touch the wind, all crazy. Against the background of the neon red sky, it is the main color of the city. Red with the restlessness, with a strong desire to conquer all things, carrying on the impact of the night in sight. The rain always liked colors, for more love colour and lustre is gorgeous, so by the line of sight Dream beauty pro, rain light, red more attractive. The rain good do a stage of heaven and earth, in cooperation with the wind, the red dance. I don't like the red in the dark night, it is easy to let me in neural thinking, think of decadent life. Red bold and unrestrained in the proportion of too many, full of the temptation is too strong. 
Small rain, the wind became soft. I raise the hands of the umbrella, and looked at the road in front of, in the lamplight, road surface water margin appears very distracting, other places are still buried in the dark. I look at the bright, light footsteps, elude, feet from wet feeling suddenly, I quickly lift the foot, parked nearby, looked back, walked through the local refraction to a light, turned out to be a puddle. I remember there is dark, but turned bright. I smiled and looked at his feet, is still dark. 
Once again I give the give the umbrella by hand, sight scene became much more. The 3322 pedestrians whispering under an umbrella, a sound of laughter issued from time to time, don't know what I said in the fun. Umbrellas in my line of sight, also cover the line of sight of people, I can't see others, others also can not find me. But also can see the two legs under the umbrella, it let us know the coming or people. Road will water into pieces, and the rain is the pedestrians on the road to block under the umbrella. Fortunately, we all have our own destination on purpose, we will let go of the umbrella, look at the people around, Dream beauty pro to satisfy our curiosity, whether under the umbrella of you what it's like to be? 
I took up the footsteps, continue forward, eager to see more scenery. I am still looking at under the footsteps of light, carefully avoiding, but my shoes are wet. To me it was wrong to open-minded person, shoes has been soaked by the rain, then you should step forward his steps, why do the creeps. May be my heart love for graceful and restrained veiled, let I can't afford a glimmer of interest with bold and open-minded life, it is possible that I thought is don't respect for shoes, it has no water, I love, but it was wet HKUE ENG, I should be more to take good care of it. 
I really want to touch the rain, so I stretched out arm. Rain falls in my palm, gently filar silk cool idea spread. The wind stopped. Rain next to a beat to the rhythm of the spring, drip drip... Unconsciously, I arrived at the destination, by taking an umbrella, to rain hard, looked at the passers-by in the rain, can't help but smile, the rain is still rain. 

Forgotten in the corner of peanuts

On Sunday, my wife and I are in the room, found in the Spring Festival to buy peanuts, still intact in the bag, peanut shells of white light demon eyes, immediately to the in the mind is very not calm, so good things still in the corner, waiting for the master's visit, I am busy call his wife to come and open the bag, in a charger, slowly enjoy the taste of peanut, hard, thinking of kinds of peanut and the sweat profusely, farmers work is very uneasy. 
Remember when I was a child, born in a poor family, such as peanut content in unusual where we see the riches and honor, only to go out to work during the Spring Festival neighbor brought back some, to solving our available, HKUE amec usually doesn't even have thought. Only a special time, that is my cousin got married in a family brought gifts, there is a bag of peanuts, when quasi brother-in-law the peanuts from my hands, the aroma of peanut delicious fresh mixed with each other, and I seem to be back and forth in the gut, get as hungry, I don't like to eat at the moment, so more peanuts have in my hand, but I still stood in the silly, never have happy in spinning around me, only bring myself a while, thinking about the family sat down, the white jade of peanut slowly into the mouth, and the tip of the tongue contact at this moment, how much happiness, because this moment is not some before I was 16, we have four siblings, eight people in the home, barren of grain every year is not enough to eat, parents also need to take care of the elderly grandparents, HKUE ENG also have no time to go out to work, only in May, from shanxi wheat is ripe, dad back out of their bags, with a comfortable MaiLian, and uncles help machinery can't get there in the village of farmers ShouMai, a white mask, a pot of white rice at that time is our happy life. Peanut eat the things we don't produce, the poor in the home is don't want to and desire, embarrassment when sleeping in the evening eating a peanut is hard to remember the tongue aftertaste, also is very good to eat peanuts in a dream. 
In recent years, we are brother and sister grew up, also can help my parents do some farm work or go out to work, home life better day by day, people often eat sunflower, sayaka, soy, we also can produce big peas, when you want to eat eat, peanut hadn't before, now is not too difficult, want to eat also will go to buy, every time is more than a kilo, the solution is not only our chan, also get oneself in the mind of which a little vanity to capture, buy peanut vendor frequented in the country and kept Shouting, we are to buy once, when the vendor hiding somewhere, although we can't afford it, but it can hit the eye shadow, smell the smell, let the time have a dream that the implementation of the dots, also is very good. Now walk beside companions, a peanut is not so well in his pocket HKUE ENG, return companion to share every now and then, put a little fish porridge, must want to eat peanuts will come to me. 
Now oneself also have a family, often also buy their children eat snacks, peanut is little not to buy a shell in hand to eat, buy some peanut mixed with other food cooked noodles, compensatory nutrition, the result is children also don't eat slowly, we adults also buy little to eat, think of the past, now is not easy to eat peanuts very casually, the idea of scarcity value is a fade, parental age slowly grow old, but the food is very cherish, don't waste, also often remind us, save to treasure grain, even days up to also want to know the hard-won. 
Looking at what my wife and I peel the peanut shells, Dream beauty pro hard sell and recall the scenes s suantiankula, parents hard rush about for the life, is a bit wet eyes, forgotten in the corner of peanuts, a passenger is our life, how to look at it, and how to think about it, more important is how to face it, this is we have to do in the future, to think about, and how do we pass the baton to our next generation, don't make the corner drop things let us lost spirit. 

There is always warm on the road

Sometimes there is always warm on the road, but you do not feel it. Perhaps, some of the facts in an act of God, destined not appear when you need Dream beauty pro. There are many on the edge of the world, it may be optimistic to think their warmth on the road.
Everywhere there is warmth, when you encounter misfortune when warm still on the road, you can not panic do not gnaw slowly wait. There are always warm on the road, when you're out in the cold among the casual glance, Dream beauty pro or to see that people give you warmth.
The bright sun can melt the winter snow, the warm earth thrown. But who can see the winter of misfortune it? Just do not know know the snow cold snow generosity, but how can you dislike winter snow it?
Warm, body temperature is the temperature of the soul. If the cold heart, and even the body warm up then? Not like the form of a warm heart to go meat generally stiff electrical desk, sad.
When you are alone in front row, do not cry, do not be discouraged. Because, your warmth still on the road ......

In the nature

Read essays in philosophy, read a maximum sentence is: "unmoved either by gain or loss, see pretrial blossom; fate has no intention, at the sky yunjuanyunshu." In fact, very simple, life is very simple. Just turned into Vientiane times, become very complicated, become won't listen to reason. The world of sense, differ in thousands of ways. Is the Dharma, there are abundant Famennian, go into, as into a vast expanse of water. Say the truth, however, is the origin of the empty. Sometimes reading, reads more clever; or the opposite, reads more stupid. China history nerd Zhao Kuo, is due to read many books, electrical desk and lead to the age-old grievances qi. Said the words of life, ninety-nine point nine nine percent are nonsense, written text, as well as the. More than words to tuberculosis, He that talks much errs much. Buddha does not say, Zen is not language, say, the theory, no not the telling of lies. Write more, such as fried leftovers, turn to turn to, is that something, after all is said and done, is then some meaning. Really calm, but is to pick up a book, pillow, bed.

Write prose, like the Weiweidaolai, calm. My heart, my heart as natural. Don't slow, steady, a static. Not too much rhetoric, only to express to understand, do not look tired, simple and profound words. "My heart is fixed slime flocculation, not by the spring breeze on mad", whenever the event is static, relentless, will wholeheartedly, calm face. Things are not so imagine complex, seize the essence, Paodingjieniu, few would solve the. On rumors, the gossip, not argue indisputable; in adversity, not blame everyone and everything but not oneself of injustice, of misunderstanding, on; injustice, not to bemoan one's fate. Although such as real, as he and southeast wind, calm the mind Amethyst earrings, then everything is quiet. "Sparse bamboo wind, wind and bamboo no sound; Yan Han Tan Yan to degree, and Tan don't store shadow. Therefore the superior man thing and heart beginning now, things to heart with empty." As long as the repair to the heart, the worldly phenomena, such as the flower in the mirror, water, too, the heart does not leave mark.

Calm is a kind of ability. Zhou Yu with a plume fan in hand, in a silk hood, so brave and bright, laughing and jesting while enemy ships were destroyed as planned like castles in the air. Cao Cao cannot calm, rode on a horse to flee helter skelter. But Cao Cao finally smiled, but the military victory or defeat of the norm Study Tour, the last laugh, is the skill. The see through, can calm; dust bearish, is calm. Such as water, invisible, can forms. Such as air, invisible, untouchable, but omnipresent. Static, gas centering idle, static if the virgin; when moving, all-powerful, carry all before one.

Interpretation of fate

Buddha's words: past lives 500 times Looking back only in exchange for a life pass by. 
This is a long wandering life long journey, met who is a beautiful accident and surprises, and you can let me have appeared wandering heart to find a place to stop. This fate is fate. Short life of only let us have a thorough sad fate bone understanding. Will be convinced: 
Fate is destined somewhere something scarce. Love is a coincidence, not a deliberately tarried. As fate floated occasionally, quietly disappeared from rubbing shoulders. In a suitable location, an appropriate time, and that an appropriate person in your casual look back just in luck favors you, this encounter is the beautiful fate. As Eileen Chang said:. "Among thousands of people meet the person you encountered, in thousands of years, the time in the wilderness, neither earlier nor later step, you happen to catch the" encounter when each intersection of an eye, the heart has quietly opened the door, the feeling of deja vu, are like old acquaintances past and Present goodbye to each other without too much language, is undoubtedly confidant. 
Fate, is the mortal world conventions past, I promise you, is this life spend contractual commitments together in the afterlife. 
Fate, life cycle process that Emmanuel flash, always inadvertently quietly swept your heart. Sentient beings, because one edge of the word fetters, chance coincidence, met strangers, aside worldly materialism and interlinked hearts, minds collide. Red graceful look at the world of flowers and the moon as promised, either marry fantasy and reality together. 
Fate, is unreal dream aesthetic contexts, like the water, the mirror flowers. To seasonal surprise you, sometimes inspiring, sometimes more if soft bone, sometimes it is so makes you unforgettable. Go time for the blanking on track. Dream non-dream, Claustrophobia, together spiritual but also a fate. And love is a special gift from God, is the leading edge of those difficult to escape its fate temper agreed deliberate arrangement. Due to love, as in the bitter. Whether deep shallow edge of the edge, the edge length of the edge is short, get that is good fortune. Life is short, edge to easy. 
Love is not about wine, but it is more than pure incense strong Italian wine, fate is not poetry, it is more beautiful than poetry attractive. Do not let too many secular, vulgar things lost your sanity, affecting your judgment, give up your criteria. Do not care about life and life with a myriad of Red Dust off off, as long as you sincerely love, reason to love. 
Fate, a wonderful feeling to when in a hurry, to rush when, from the fit to each other through thick and thin of loyalty and soul. Fate never belongs only to those who deal with feelings of sincere heart. There is a man you was born, died for you, cry for you, for your smile. Intentions to feel your feelings, intentions to listen to your heart, soul to fuse with your soul. Thought it was clear, someone to share the pain, wound someone soothe, from life on the road you are no longer alone, someone to share your joy. 
Fate, is a source of happiness, we are pleased when fate fate, but also to cherish and grasp the scale of happiness, cherish some edge, will give his life add a touch of fun, add a touch of emotion. Whether your gains and losses, after all are happy. Read people will understand and cherish, cherish sincere people would be comfortable with, will have the love and spend! In heaven there is love every minute until Hearty, gracious love and appreciation of each other's only able to become more plump more vivid! 
Fate, is a beautiful scenery. A peek into the glamorous encounter, a pass rush affectionate look back, it will be doomed to become eternal life memories freeze! Also will retain a copy of ethereal beauty and unreal expectations, a care and miss! Since then, people no longer feel alone, the heart is also no longer feel lonely. And once inadvertently quietly miss each other, unfortunately, has become a noun interpretation lonely! Vaguely significant is a long-term heartache, in the absence of knowing each other and care of life's journey, escape will become a habit. Passing of countless unknown fate. 
Friendship is the fate daily life, everlasting love is fate, true love is flawless fate. 
Fate, is a brilliant drama. There are partakers together cooling towel
, both good and bad between this world everything starts from the edge, at this stage their own interpretation of the ups and downs of life. Quietly come and go, and in the climax of the debut of the people are wise! In a perfect curtain call is the benevolent! Love at the edge, the edge to make the blame on, edge off the disheartened! Need to grasp the fate, fate to face. Need to learn the fate of more timely to give up! 
Zen telepathy in the mirror inside the machine, but is one of the biggest fantasy refraction Bale, one after another crossing point both good and bad fate, hoping between dreaming, wandering between a loss of pride and disappeared between the bitter . 
Fate, so that you and I meet, friend, love Dr Max, spend a lifetime. Feeling invisible in the process of giving and receiving, the time to narrow the distance between two people, the fate just like the seed sown in spring, as in love with each other and slowly take root in the soil, only cherish a sincere heart to elaborate care of, cherish company formation in hong kong, the crystals can harvest love! It will not care and negligence lament sorry, wringing. 
World lengthy, time rush. "Fate is God, were artificially." And where few people can really see through the world can get rid of worldly fetters and see through the Red bustle? Chic grasp the true meaning of fate! A big crowd, mortal beings. Fate wind come, gone with the wind. Among all do not words. 
Buddha's words: "Everything unsolvable, and called fate."


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